Will turning your radio up really fix that rattling noise?

We’ve all been there, that sinking feeling as you hear your vehicle make an unusual sound. Although it’s tempting to turn up the volume and ignore the problem, it’s not going to fix anything. Sounds can tell us a great deal about our cars, and if you listen closely you might be able to diagnose the problem from just the noise alone. Some rattles, clicks and clunks can be classic examples of mechanical problems. Here are a few examples of what to listen out for:


Vehicle making noise when braking?

As we have mentioned in a previous article, if you hear any noise as you apply the brakes then you should seek professional advice as quickly as possible. Screeching, grinding or squeaking could indicate that your brake pads need replacing. Waiting too long to fix this could be dangerous and lead to more expensive repairs down the line, so whatever you do DO NOT ignore this sound.  Continue Reading →

Improving Performance by Changing Your Tyres

Do you want to easily improve your driving experience? We’ve put together a short guide to help you understand the different adjustments you can make to your tyres to improving driving experience. Changing your tyres to suit different seasons can improve their ability to optimise with heat, cold, rain or snow. In stormy or treacherous conditions this can make significant difference in stopping times and handling. With such a large variety of brands, types and services available. There is a huge range of options for your tyres.

Returning to Former Performance

Are you looking to return your vehicle to its former performance and handling? Have you noticed a difference in how it handles road conditions over time? Instead of searching for a different tyre type it could be better to replace your tyres with the exact model you have. After all, your vehicle was manufactured with these for a reason. Continue Reading →