How to Prepare for Autumn and Winter

Be Ready for Autumn and Winter

The colder seasons present new hazards for motorists due to harsh weather conditions and reduced hours of daylight. Be prepared with TS Garage Services and our guide for how to prepare for autumn and winter.

TS Garage autumn and winter guide

Emergency Supplies

Nobody wants to break down, especially in the winter, but unfortunately it can happen. Be prepared and keep a care package in your boot filled with blankets, coats, a first aid kit, a torch, (with batteries), and even something to eat. Should the worse happen, at least you know you are prepared.

Keep De-Icer to Hand

With the average temperature of the UK as low as 3.9°C during winter 2014/2015, road conditions can be unpredictable. If motorists are not prepared for adverse conditions such as ice or snow, they can become extremely vulnerable. Keep an ice scraper and de-icer inside the vehicle throughout autumn and winter, along with some sunglasses to deal with sun glare from wet or snowy roads. Keeping these in the vehicle will make sure that you are prepared for all weather conditions throughout autumn and winter.

Keeping All Fluids Topped Up

During autumn and winter, it is essential that all car fluids are topped up so that motorists are prepared for all aspects of seasonal hazards, from adverse weather conditions, to traffic delays. In particular, make sure you keep your fuel, screen wash and antifreeze topped up in your vehicle. This will ensure that you and your vehicle are prepared for any challenges you encounter on the roads throughout autumn and winter.

TS autumn and winter preparation

Stay on Top of Your Tyres

Many motorists do not consider changing their tyres for autumn and winter, when it can actually be a compulsory requirement. The AA state,

‘You’re likely to need winter tyres fitted if you plan to drive in Europe during the winter. They are compulsory in many countries for visitors as well as for residents. Many European countries also require at least 3mm of tyre tread during the winter (4mm for Czech Republic).’

It is also important to remember that during autumn and winter, adverse weather conditions can make the roads dangerous very quickly. Therefore, remember to allow extra stopping distances, especially in wet and icy conditions.

At TS Garage Services, we hope you stay prepared and safe this winter. Should you need any help or advice on vehicle preparation and maintenance this autumn and winter, be sure to visit us at TS Garage Services.