Car Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Specialists in Car, Van & Motorcycle Tyres

All major brands available and professionally fitted.

Tyre Stocks Ltd have specialist tyre fitting equipment for all wheel types. Butler tyre fitting machines benefit from plastic and rubber jaws and mounting heads which means no metal parts are in contact with your wheel during removal or fitting of tyres. We also have computerised wheel balancing equipment capable of adapting to all wheel types.

Wheel Alignment Specialists.

SuperTracker 4 Wheel Aligner ensures accurate alignment of all four wheels on your car, van or 4×4. Correct wheel alignment saves fuel, tyre wear and steering/suspension components as well as making it easier and less tiring for the driver to maintain the vehicle in a straight line. Tracking and camber angles are adjustable on most cars and should be checked (free of charge) every 6 months or 6000 miles.

Nitrogen Inflation

Tyre Stocks Ltd was the first garage in the area to introduce nitrogen as an alternative to air for tyre inflation.

There are many reasons why nitrogen is better than air but the advantages you are most likely to be interested in are increased mileage, as much as 30%, and better grip. This is due to tyre pressures and tempretures remaining constant, which also means that you no longer need to check the tyre pressures as often. In fact, tyre pressures should be checked at least every two weeks, with nitrogen you can relax for 3 months.

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