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Car Repairs

Research by Kwik-Fit has recently been conducted on car repairs. The research was carried-out on over 21 million motorists and the results are surprisingly interesting. Out of 21 million motorists who responded, 19% suggested that they are aware that their car needs a repair, but are currently choosing to do nothing.= to fix it. The result of this is a large number of cars being left unused or cars being driven to their limit in an unsafe condition.  The primary reason for the lack of car repairs from motorists?

Number 1 Reason: Affordability


Despite the strong influencing factor or affordability, it’s time to act. We all know that cars are not cheap, and there are some cars that require a lot more ‘TLC’ (and money!) than others. We also all know that it is very easy for problems to escalate if they are left untended. Eventually car repairs become inevitable. However, leaving a repair to escalate to the inevitable means that cars repairs are likely to become more expensive. Conclusion? A short-term gain and long-term loss! Therefore, we would advise that you endeavour to fix any niggling problems that you may have as soon as possible with TS Garage’s repair service. Change your ‘short-term gain and long-term loss’ into a ‘short-term loss and long-term gain’.

Another problem-solver for car repairs is regular servicing. If you ensure that you regularly service your car it allows a professional to review your car’s functionality and ensure that it is ready for smooth service now and in the future; reducing the need for  intermittent car repairs.

Does Your Car Need Repairing or Servicing?

At TS Garages in Gosport, we are a family-owned car service and garage that truly care for our reputation and business. Therefore, if you do have any concerns about the condition of your vehicle or feel it may be time to bite the bullet and fix that niggling problem with your car, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with the utmost care and attention and ensure that your vehicle is fully roadworthy with our specialist car repairs. Contact us on: 02392 522344 or visit us in Gosport.