Motorcycle Tyres & Wheel Alignment

 Motorcycle Tyre Specialists. Ride In – Ride Out Service.

We offer a Ride in – Ride out motorcycle tyre fitting service.

Our workshop is kitted out with specialist bike tyre fitting equipment to ensure that the correct care is taken with your wheels. Our Butler Superbike machine uses plastic fittings at all contact points on the wheel so the paint will remain unmarked. We also fit a new rubber valve, if applicable, and rebalance the wheel using bike specific computerised wheel balancing equipment. Also, for a small charge, we can inflate the tyres with Nitrogen instead of air for increased performance and mileage.

Whether you need street legal racing tyres, commuting tyres or sports touring tyres, we are able to supply and fit the right tyre for you. Many years of experience combined with independant training on product knowledge ensures we offer the best information and advice. All brands and types are available to us, subject to availability, and are usually delivered the very next day from the largest suppliers in the UK.

Motorcycle Wheel Alignment

Using ‘LaserTec’ laser wheel alignment technology we are able to set your bike so that it handles correctly on cornering and rides straight when you need it to. Adjustment usually only takes about 10 minutes and we set the chain tension at the same time. Correct handling reduces stress and tiredness for the rider, which means you can concentrate on the more important aspects of motorcycling.

Increased handling = Increased fun!

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